The Air Force Cross


A thunderbolt in the form of a cross, the arms conjoined by wings, the base bar terminating with a bomb surmounted by another cross composed of aeroplane propellers, the four ends enscribed with the letters G.V.R.I. In the centre a roundel, thereon a representation of Hermes mounted on a hawk in flight bestowing a wreath. The whole ensigned by an Imperial Crown and attached to the clasp and ribbon by two sprigs of laurel.

The Royal Cypher above the date 1918. Since 1939, the year of award has usually been recorded on the reverse side of the lower arm.

55mm across the horizontal arms of the cross and 60mm from the top of the crown to the end of the lower arm of the cross.

32mm wide, the ribbon is of equal sized 3mm diagonal stripes of red and white.

By an ornate suspender bar consisting of two sprigs of laurel, through the bottom of which passes a ring, attaching the suspender bar to an eyelet attached to the top of the crown on the upper arm of the cross.